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Middleton Makes is a woman-owned small business, located in the Bay Area. Each small batch of garments and accessories are hand-dyed with love and attention to detail. Due to the nature of ice-dyeing, each batch results in completely unique and unrepeatable patterns, therefore creating one-of-a-kind items. Any cellulose or protein fiber can be dyed in this manner and the possibilities for color stories is limitless.

Join a workshop, shop for unique items for yourself, customize a gift for a friend, or just explore this site for inspiration for your own projects. There's a lot of color and joy here.

  • Tablescapes

    Custom dyed to match the elements in your space or event.

    Explore napkins 
  • Sumptuous silk

    Gorgeous upscale silks for lounging or hitting the town.

    Shop silk dresses 
  • Sweet Dreams

    Get a good night's sleep when you rest your head on these gorgeous pillowcases. Patterns that will go with all your linens.

    Check out bedding 
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why i love the ice dye process.


If you see anything in my feed below that you are interested in, let me know. It might not currently be in stock, but if I've dyed it before, I can probably dye it again. I love to work directly with clients. Learn more - click the link or follow me on instagram.

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