About Me


Hi, I'm Nicky. I'm a California gal who enjoys playing with color and making rad unique one-of-a-kind threads for the young and the young at heart. From babies to mamas. You'll never find two pieces *exactly* the same because that's just the name of the game when it comes to ice-dye. It's all about composition and finding harmony between different color tones and hues. The fiber reactive procion dyes I use are brilliant, mouth-watering, and permanent. They don't fade, even after repeated washings.


I have developed a long list of bold, eye catching colorways - all named after the gorgeous places in California. If you don't see your size or your your style garment, fear not! Let's dye up one of your own personal items or let me procure something that's just right! You can choose your from my colorway site - with the understanding that while I will use the dyes that make up that color, the end product will be up to the magic that happens when the melting process begins.


If you want to learn more about the techniques I use, come to my ice-dye workshop (outdoors, with masks, limit 8 people) where I will guide you and others in choosing colors and dyeing a few blanks that will be sure to impress!


BE COLORFUL... Life is too short to live in black and white.