Event Planners Look Here!

These unique ice-dyed linens are hand-dyed in small batches and named after the many beautiful vistas in California.  The individual linens from each batch boast unrepeatable patterns as a result of the random nature of the ice-dyeing process and have the potential to vary greatly or be just slightly nuanced from one another.  The end result is a harmonious collection which will add whimsy and romanticism to any special gathering, large or small.
















My goal is to work directly with California based event planners and provide you with one of kind linens that will complete your color story.  My linens have a particular organic beauty to them and will provide a complementary layer of color, texture and delight to the aesthetic you are designing – carrying the mood from the centerpieces all the way to the edges of the table.


As the Event Designer/Planner, you may select from either my curated collections or custom dye linens to your particular color story.  The possibilities are endless.