What Happens in a Workshop?

Ice, Ice Baby!

Are you interested in creating your very own gorgeous ice-dyed pieces — but don’t know how, or don’t want to invest in all the materials like soda ash, Fiber Reactive Procion dyes, bins, racks, ice, special detergents, etc.?  Would you like to make a handmade gift for yourself or a friend?

If your answer is YES, please join me!!  


Over the course of the workshop, I will discuss simple do’s and don’ts, help you make meaningful color selections, and provide you with all the tools and materials you need to create two beautifully hand dyed items. All dyes are brilliant, mouth-watering, and permanent colors. They don't fade, even after repeated washings. 


General information 

WHEN First day: Choose colors/Prep items/Ice Dye.  Second day: Rinse/Reveal!  Note, second day is usually only one hour, unless you are loving the process and want to spend time oohing and ahhing over other's results!

WHERE  Outdoors at my studio in Orinda, CA

BRING Face mask (to be worn if guidelines suggest this is necessary)   

FEE $80/per person  Limit: 8 people  

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE  The workshop includes a tea towel and pieces of fabric.

ADD-ONS Additional “blank” items will be available for purchase at the workshop. You may also bring small (t-shirt sized) personal items from home.  The charge to dye these is $15/item. Sweatshirts/pants $25/item.

HOW DO I REGISTER  Go to registration page and start the process.  

Join me take an ice-dye workshop with me and make something beautiful with your own two hands!