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Coveralls 👈🏻✨✴︎💥

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While these beauts are meant to stop you from ruining your clothes, we think you don't need a reason to wear these other than THEY ARE SO COOL... and so comfortable.

 With two front pockets, two hip pockets, two chest pockets, a ruler pocket, and side openings to access your pants pockets these coveralls have you covered (ah, see what I did there?) when it comes to holding your money, keys, comb, wallet, lighter, hanky, pen, brushes, rubber bands and change while you work/play/hangout/party.

Slip one of these preshrunk, 100% cotton coveralls on over your clothes, fasten the concealed brass, rust-proof buttons and get ready to get dirty // party // turn heads!


✨Care for your Ice-Dyed Item✨

Your item has been pre-washed using a professional textile detergent and color catcher sheet, followed by a textile softener which restores the soft feel to fabrics that dyeing sometimes removes. This means that it has also been preshrunk. :)


To be extra cautious, you may choose to wash separately the first few times to ensure no additional bleeding occurs. Middleton Makes is not liable for any dye bleeding that may occur in your laundry.

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