Upcycled✨ Uniqlo Blouse • Shasta • S
Upcycled✨ Uniqlo Blouse • Shasta • S
Upcycled✨ Uniqlo Blouse • Shasta • S


Upcycled✨ Uniqlo Blouse • Shasta • S

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  • Uniqlo blouse
  • Upcycled and amazing!
  • 3/4 sleeves
  • Elasticized neckline pull down around shoulders.
  • Upcycling represents a variety of processes by which “old” products get to be modified and get a second life as they’re turned into a “new” product. In this way, thanks to the mix and aggregation of used materials, components and items, the end result is a “new product” with more value than the original value of the sum of all its components. In other others, upcycling is about materials or items that get to be re-adapted and/or re-purposed in a creative way, and whose lifespan is, therefore, expanded!

✨Care for your Ice-Dyed Item✨

  • Your item has been pre-washed using a professional textile detergent and color catcher sheet, followed by a textile softener which restores the soft feel to fabrics that dyeing sometimes removes.

  • To be extra cautious, you may choose to wash separately the first few times to ensure no additional bleeding occurs. 

  • Middleton Makes is not liable for any dye bleeding that may occur in your laundry.